Tuesday, August 2, 2011

mistake? who says?

i wanna start by saying: 'please give me the benefit of the doubt'. thanks.
okay so-
i was writing a card to a new friend and i made a mistake.
a bad mistake.
the kind that could ruin a card.
the kind that makes you feel stupid.
 i was writing in pen of course.
trouble is, is that it was a vintage card.
no replacing it.
so- ya know what i did?
i scribbled over my mistake and put little twinkle stars around it.
i wrote 'i like mistakes'
it was a real epifany for me.
i mean, there are mistakes we make that hurt people. things that can't be undone.
but for the most part, mistakes always lead to learning,
if we let them.    i mean really!
look at what we have to work with.
by our very nature we are
'off the mark'
shouldn't we embrace our mistakes as guiding stones to the right and level path?
even if the mistakes are huge, in time, something always comes round to good.
that's how it is for believers anyway. if i am free to make mistakes, will they really be mistakes?.
perfection is the end of all things.
we will be made perfect in the end. but for now, mistakes are the things we do on the way there.
sanctification, is something only Christ can do in me. i can't do it myself.
i come before him and lay my mistakes at His feet. if i didn't make mistakes, i wouldn't need Him.
so i'm glad i make mistakes. they bring me to the Rock that is higher than i.
if i quit requiring perfection in my own life and in others, i can rest in the knowledge that He who has begun a good work in me will finish it and that relieves me of putting unreasonable expectations on myself and others.
hurray! mercy triumphs over judgement.

ya know
i really do think it's why people like my paintings.
they look like happy mistakes.
i don't know about you, but for right now, i'm feeling pretty good about this and very free.