Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i n e r t i a

i am experiencing a powerful sense of inertia today.
the sky is moody cloudy breezy with drizzle.
the house is cool but not cool enough for an added heat source.
i have been moving randomly from room to room, putzing mostly.
my thoughts wander.
my prayers seem futile.
i wanted to find a picture of inertia to insert into this blog.
i realized, while i am experiencing inertia,
i don't know the math of it.
i would be posing to put some sort of physics equation in here,
and then, i realized that even that decision is inertia.
i opened my 1925 'winston simplified
(intermediate edition) dictionary
and looked up the word 'inertia'
defined here as 'sluggishness; lack of activity; that property by virtue of which matter tends to remain
at rest...
the word directly across from inertia in the left hand column is 'industry'.
i also notice on the same page, the words ineffectual, inefficient, inelastic, inelegance, inexcusable, inexpedience and finally, inexorable.
> all leading to inexperience.
i once read the first part of a book called 'the war of art'
the author described in detail, the force of 'resistance' that comes when ever a person is about to do what he or she was intended to do.
whether it be creating, singing, going for a walk, reading the Bible, praying, giving, sacrificing time for someone, or anything that would be good for you and others.
you know the feeling.

i think what i need right now, is a friend with a very large leash. anyone wanna take me for a walk?
you pull.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Love and Learn

well, our annual cornathon went off without a hitch. . . except maybe for the corn.
it was not so good this year, but the celebration was, i have to say,
the best one ever. i wish i could invite the whole world!
i think there were 56 people all total if my memory serves me,
and each person had their own gift, their own character, their own blessing.
when i recollect each beautiful face, i think of the particular light that they brought to the event.
we have a policy that all doctrine and politics be left at the end of the driveway.
in a way, that's our doctrine so i don't know if it's fair, but again,
'little children, love one another'
i find that while doctrine and politics are neccesary to the human species' intellect,
i also find that it causes division and predjudice.
judge ye not lest ye be judged.
these two powerful energies can cause a person to 'unlove' someone.
i think it's great to learn and listen and find out about a persons opinions and feelings,
but often (in politics or religion) we come to a point of, 'if you don't believe the way i believe,
you're wrong and quite frankly you suck.'
i think the apostle paul made it perfectly clear in his first letter to the corinthians- 1:11. . .there are quarrels among you. . . ie: "i follow chuck smith, well , i follow the pope, well, i follow orson bean!" (paraphrased)

vs.13:   IS CHRIST DIVIDED? were these other guys crucified for you? 
vs.18 states-  for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
for it is written; "i will destroy the wisdom of the wise;
the intelligence of the intelligent i will frustrate"

where is the wise man?
where is the scholar?
where is the philosopher of this age?

learning is a good thing. i hope i will always be teachable.
but i also don't want to be swayed by every wind of doctrine
that would separate me from the LOVE of Christ, or 
the LOVE in me, that keeps my eyes on the prize!
we need to be able to except one another for the people that God purposed  us to be.
the different colors that make the full picture.

if a certain doctrine is the way you sway-great!
we will all learn from you, but let us be who God intended us to be.
if you have a calling in politics, so be it.  let us learn from you, but let God do the moving.
if you have a 'mission field', hurray! teach us about it but don't judge me if it's not MY calling.
let God be the judge of a heart.
some of us need to go OUT.
some of us need to STAY HOME.
everyone of us is a facet of God's plan.
we don't need to judge or manipulate or generalize or divide.

it's all good when we learn to love one another.
through Christ our Lord.

photo by  talia filipek