Thursday, August 2, 2012


soft velour couch faces north
direct view of  the
screen door, porch, petunias,
tomato plant, fence, field
forest, mountain, sky

there's a numbness in my jaw
and my pants are too tight.
my shoes are half on as if i'm going to

morning chill is still clinging to my arms
while the sun pours golden through the coleus on the sill.

little rainbows dance on the floor
to a scented breeze
moves the prism in the window.
what is that smell?

grass and roses, flox and marigolds
lavender and beebalm
mingling with the chattering of sparrows.

love is a high. love is a blanket.
love is a knife. love is death.
love is light. love is long dark nights
waiting waiting waiting.

what cannot be shaken?