Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a correspondence of beans

a banality of dry white beans
sit quietly in a dusty jar.
an onion arguing with extinction
airs it's affliction in the bin.
a wodge of summer tomatoes solid in the freeze is neighbor to 
a chronicle of ham, still fastened 
to it's homeliness 
of bone.

my pot heats as i pour 
the correspondence of beans, 
ham bone, onion and tomatoes into it's gape.
with a bang of the lid
i walk away.

6 hrs. pass as the interplay between these 
four attitudes 
mix and mingle into one autonomous 
in the meantime i have sifted and stirred and paddled and beat
an episode of flours, egg, milk and honey
into an inclination of 

spooning the lusty gruel into my bowl
my senses receive a donation of joy and
a larceny of languor that gives my tummy

what was old is new!
what was dead is stew!
long live bean soup!
we sing and toot and toot and sing
long live bean soup! 
it's a midwest thing.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

last night (mootz called)

we met when we were 14
or was it 15?
was it at a birthday party
or had i run away from home
we both smoked cigarettes.
we walked out of the light
into the night
talking nonstop.
we sat on a curb under a tree
she told me her story
i told her mine.
we cried.
we were misfits.
our childhoods were over
but we were still children.
we faced the pain of dealing with
the mistakes our parents had made,
the crimes they committed and
the devastation of being victims.
we didn't know then
how long and arduous the journey would be
but for the Grace of God.

she called last night and said my name, then said hers.
i gasped.
we talked for an hour interrupting each other
with too many questions and so much to say.
her voice and laugh were the same as i had remembered
and i missed her like i missed running in the night.
i missed her like rhine wine and steppenwolf.
i missed her like walking down the railroad tracks
45 years slipped away, disappeared, invisible to the eye
but the depths and breadth of the love in my heart for her
were tangible.
it was a night to remember.