Friday, May 27, 2011

mother outlaw

i gave birth to 3 sons two and a half years apart.
my oldest, tanner, is 29.  willy was born next and will be 27 on the 1rst of june
and duncan, my youngest, is 24.

when they were little scamps, i would try to imagine what it would be like when they were tall,
grown up men.
that time has come and when i stand in the midst of them, i feel such love and admiration.
i'm no longer the one to care for them and i feel almost small around them.

i have, over the years prayed for the women who might become their companions.

being kinda old fashioned and traditional, i of course imagined them getting married, maybe settling down,
and giving me some grandchildren.
things don't always go the way we plan or imagine.
but even though i don't have daughter in laws or grandchildren, i have been honored by my sons.

it has been said that men marry their mothers. they find somone with qualities or attributes of their mother.
maybe that's why some mothers don't get along with their daughter in laws.
maybe they're too much alike.
well, God has blessed me.

none of my sons are married, so even though i'm a mother outlaw,
they have chosen women who honor me.
these young women have brilliant qualities.
 unique talent, courage and integrity .
they are all beautiful, quick witted and educated.
and above all, they love my sons and believe in them.
i couldn't be more honored.
i take pride in them and am priveledged to pray for them and delight in them.
thanks boys.  treat your women right! 
they're my girls! my daughter outlaws :)

talia jean


Thursday, May 19, 2011

spring green

remember that crayon? remember the smell of that crayon? 
red violet.
 blue violet. and magenta.
red orange.
salmon pink.
each color by itself, brings pictures to the mind.
as a group,
the brand new box;
folding the lid back to reveal
the brightly colored points
with the flat tops ; and the s m e l l.

i like the smell of a pencil when it's freshly sharpened and the smell of new coloring books.
oh world! never change these things!

i actually liked the 48 box of crayons the best, but it didn't have a sharpener.

whenever we were invited to a birthday party, when we were kids, our mom made us give a coloring book and crayons.
i was always so embarrassed.
sorry mom.
it was a really good gift.