Thursday, February 16, 2012


yesterday was a perfect  day for working outside. the sky was blue, the breeze was very light, and the robins were doing their canned laughter imitations.
i had had a wonderful valentines day and aside from the flowers and chocolate, he gave me a yard of fine bark mulch.
***the perfect thing for a serious case of spring fever.

so after we had eaten our morning oats (which i hate, but he loves, so i eat them) and i had made his everyday lunch and got him out the door to work, i got on my mudders and florescent green gloves and headed out to the utility trailer where the steaming mulch huddled from the frost.

retrieving the wheel barrow, shovels, rake and broom, i began scooping up the rich black mulch and wheeling it over to blanket my naked gardens. ahhh. it felt so good to use muscles that had been left to sleep, while crochet muscles took over for the winter. it felt so good to feel the fresh air, fart out loud, wipe my nose on my sleeve and feel my hat fall down around my eyes.
the mulch was damp and because there was barely a breeze, it went onto the beds with ease.
every now and then i'd take a break and look into the sky, get the binoculars and check out the neighbors, and let the chickens out who were tangoing by the gate.
they love being free like me.

i had hung sheets on the line and they were so crisp and fragrant!
and after a nice long day in the sun and with aching musckles, i climbed into our bed with sweet memories and the feeling of a job well done.
i slept like a log.