Sunday, December 11, 2011

blood moon

i don't sleep that well anymore anway, but when ever there's going to be  a total lunar eclipse or some other night sky event, i get kinda weird.
i wake up every half hour to see what time it is. this time i finally woke up at 3:30 am., when the moon was supposed to be fully eclipsed.
i pulled on my shoes,  grabbed a coat from the closet and ran outside. i stood there in the pale night searching, searching the sky for the blood moon, when i realized, there were no stars. the fog was very high, and i knew if the moon weren't eclipsed, i would be able to see it through the heavenly mist. but it was hiding behind the earth's shadow, so i couldn't find it. even eclipsed, the moon combined with the fog made the night not dark. it was gray. void gray. dark shadows of trees, farm lamps piercing their surroundings with long needles of light. cold silence. i stood there taking it in, as i rarley go outside at 3:30 am.
the donkey in the barnyard snuffed. i felt like the moon was laughing at me. i imagined where it was. i thought i saw a whisp of it for a fleeting second and i determined it was right above me. i gave up. i yawned, and walked back into my warm house. i hung my coat in the closet, kicked off my shoes, and climbed into bed.
me and the moon had a thing.